2020: Half-Year Round Up

I must confess, although I am not a Booktuber myself, I love watching Booktuber’s videos and the other day, I watched A Nerdy Book Birdy tackle the Mid Year Freak Book Tag.

So I thought it would be a great idea to recap on the first half of the year and answer some of the questions featured in the book tag.

So far in 2020, I have read 40+ books and I have enjoyed the majority of them. I think there has only been a select few that I have had to DNF or just didn’t enjoy. Below are some ones that have stuck in my mind!

Best Book I’ve Read So Far This Year:

Easily Once Upon A River by Diane Setterfield. The storytelling in this book is something I have never experienced before and the whole time that I was reading this book, it felt like I was included on some crazy, magical secret. It was phenomenal.

Best Sequel I Have Read So Far This Year:

I have to admit, I am more of a stand-alone type of girl and therefore, I don’t tend to read many series or sequels.

Now I know that TBSAS isn’t actually a sequel, I am including this book here because I have bought it this year and I intend to read it.

A New Release That I Haven’t Read Yet:

I waited four years for this book to be released and I STILL haven;’t got round to reading it. What are you doing Jess??

The book is gorgeous and Sue Monk Kidd is one of my favourite authors so I must get round to reading this book soon!

Most Anticipated Release For The Second Half of The Year:

Again, Yaa Gyasi is one of my favourite authors, someone I actually had the pleasure of meeting a few years back when I ran a university book club with my best friend.

Her novel Homecoming is one of the best books I have ever read (I’m sure I’ve probably recommended it to you at some point) and I hope that Transcendent Kingdom will be just as good.

Biggest Disappointment of 2020:

Now, I still thoroughly enjoyed this book and as much as I ADORE Bookstagram, unfortunately for me, the hype ruined this book for me.

I was left wanting SO much more from this book and even thought that was probably intentional by the author, I still would have liked it to live up to the hype it got across Bookstagram and Twitter.

Biggest Surprise of 2020:

This was my first read of 2020 and my god, wasn’t it a great one. For those who haven’t read this marvellous book yet, I advise that you go away now and buy it.

It is phenomenal and had me genuinely terrified from only a few chapters in. I even had to make sure I didn’t sleep with my door open in fear of what was in this book would come crawling out.

Alex North’s next book The Shadow Friend is out later this year and I cannot wait!

New Favourite Author:

My new favourite author has to be Taylor Jenkins Reid. I have read two of her books this year and have fallen in love with both of them.

One being the magnificent Daisy Jones & The Six which I have to say, I could read that book over and over again and still fall in love every. single. time.

A Book That Made Me Cry:

Where The Crawdads Sing is a book that I went in to not knowing what it was about and my god, I’m so glad I picked up a copy now.

The book itself it beautifully written but it was the story that has stuck with me since finishing it. The wonderful story about Kya, her strength, determination and uniqueness is one that broke my heart in two. It is also one where I happy cried at the end.

A Book That Made Me Happy:

I read The Flatshare as the first book for Beth’s Book Club and I loved it. It was one of those where I was completely hooked on Tiffy and Leon’s stories and I was gutted when I finished the book.

I loved the ending though and if you haven’t read this yet, I would definitely recommend.

The Most Beautiful Book I Have Bought So Far This Year:

I mean look at it! So gorgeous!

I actually got the signed edition from Waterstones and the pages have actually been coloured this lovely deep red colour. Honestly, I think it may be too beautiful to read!

Favourite Members of The Book Community: 

Here are some of my favourite Bookstagram accounts, so go give them some love, you won’t regret it!

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9 thoughts on “2020: Half-Year Round Up

  1. Ahhh I want to read so many of these – especially the Flatshare. I struggle somewhat in the book community because I don’t often read or enjoy the popular and hyped books but The FS looks really funny and enjoyable!!! xx

    1. Oh yes definitely! The only reason I read that book was because of the book club, I wouldn’t have picked it up otherwise I don’t think! Loved it though and I hope you do too!

  2. I loved The Flatshare and enjoyed Where The Crawdads Sing. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy My Dark Vanessa!!

  3. I love the round-up posts, but there are always so many great choices, that I can’t decide. Once upon a river might have to jump onto my TBR pile first. Thanks for the recommendations!

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