August TBR

So since I participated in my first ever readathon last month, I’ve well and truly got the bug. Between the 10th – 16th August, there a whole new readathon named ‘Galleython’ which is dedicated to ticking some books off your NetGalley list. So I took a look at my NetGalley list and my feedback ratio and guys…it was SHOCKING!! Hence why I have dedicated the WHOLE month of August to reading and giving feedback of books from my NetGalley shelf.

What Is NetGalley?

NetGalley helps readers of influence discover and recommend new books to their audiences. When you sign up, you can request, read, and recommend digital review copies before they are published. It’s a great way of finding new and debut authors, as well as getting the chance to read some of the most anticipated new releases.

So here are six books that are being released in August that I want to tick off my NetGalley shelf and attempt to improve my feedback ratio…

The Black Kids – Christina Hammonds Reed

(Genre: Teen & YA)

Los Angeles, 1992

Ashley Bennett and her friends are living the charmed life. It’s the end of high school and they’re spending more time at the beach than in the classroom. They can already feel the sunny days and endless possibilities of summer.

But everything changes one afternoon in April, when four police officers are acquitted after beating a black man named Rodney King half to death. Suddenly, Ashley’s not just one of the girls. She’s one of the black kids.

As violent protests engulf LA and the city burns, Ashley tries to continue on as if life were normal. Even as her self-destructive sister gets dangerously involved in the riots. Even as the model black family façade her wealthy and prominent parents have built starts to crumble. Even as her best friends help spread a rumor that could completely derail the future of her classmate and fellow black kid, LaShawn Johnson.

With her world splintering around her, Ashley, along with the rest of LA, is left to question who is the us? And who is the them?

This title is set to be published on 5th August by Simon & Schuster UK.

The Secrets of Saffron Hall – Clare Marchant

(Genre: Historical Fiction)

Two women. Five centuries apart.
One life-changing secret about to be unearthed…

1538: New bride Eleanor impresses her husband by growing saffron, a spice more valuable than gold. His reputation in Henry VIII’s court soars – but fame and fortune come at a price, for the king’s favour will not last forever…

 2019: When Amber discovers an ancient book in her grandfather’s home at Saffron Hall, the contents reveal a dark secret from the past. As she investigates, so unravels a forgotten tragic story and a truth that lies much closer to home than she could have imagined…

An enchanting historical novel about love and hope in dangerous times, perfect for fans of Lucinda Riley and Kathryn Hughes.

This title is set to be published on 6th August by Avon Books.

The Midnight Library – Matt Haig

(Genre: General Fiction)

Between life and death there is a library.
When Nora Seed finds herself in the Midnight Library, she has a chance to make things right. Up until now, her life has been full of misery and regret. She feels she has let everyone down, including herself. But things are about to change. 

The books in the Midnight Library enable Nora to live as if she had done things differently. With the help of an old friend, she can now undo every one of her regrets as she tries to work out her perfect life. But things aren’t always what she imagined they’d be, and soon her choices place the library and herself in extreme danger. 

Before time runs out, she must answer the ultimate question: what is the best way to live?

This title is set to be published on 13th August by Canongate.

As You Were – Elaine Feeney

(Genre: General Fiction)

Sinéad Hynes is a tough, driven, funny young property developer with a terrifying secret.

No-one knows it: not her fellow patients in a failing hospital, and certainly not her family. She has confided only in Google and a shiny magpie.

But she can’t go on like this, tirelessly trying to outstrip her past and in mortal fear of her future. Across the ward, Margaret Rose is running her chaotic family from her rose-gold Nokia. In the neighbouring bed, Jane, rarely but piercingly lucid, is searching for a decent bra and for someone to listen. Sinéad needs them both.

As You Were is about intimate histories, institutional failures, the kindness of strangers, and the darkly present past of modern Ireland. It is about women’s stories and women’s struggles. It is about seizing the moment to be free.

Wildly funny, desperately tragic, inventive and irrepressible, As You Were introduces a brilliant voice in Irish fiction with a book that is absolutely of our times.

This title is set to be published on 20th August by Vintage Publishing.

Betty – Tiffany McDaniel

(Genre: General Fiction)

Born in a bathtub in 1954 to a Cherokee father and white mother, Betty is the sixth of eight siblings. The world they inhabit is one of poverty and violence – both from outside the family and also, devastatingly, from within. When her family’s darkest secrets are brought to light, Betty has no choice but to reckon with the brutal history hiding in the hills, as well as the heart-wrenching cruelties and incredible characters she encounters in her rural town of Breathed, Ohio.

Despite the hardship she faces, Betty is resilient. Her curiosity about the natural world, her fierce love for her sisters and her father’s brilliant stories are kindling for the fire of her own imagination, and in the face of all she bears witness to, Betty discovers an escape: she begins to write.

A heartbreaking yet magical story, Betty is a punch-in-the-gut of a novel – full of the crushing cruelty of human nature and the redemptive power of words.

This title is set to be published on 20th August by Orion Publishing.

My Darling – Amanda Robson

(Genre: Thriller)

A new couple moves in next door.
And nothing will ever be the same again…

I watched you move in and thought we might be friends.

I saw you watching from the window – and knew I’d have to keep you away from my husband.

I started to trust you. Confide in you.

I started to mistrust you. Suspect you.

I was confused when I blacked out after an evening at your place. Was I really that drunk?

I came up with a plan. A plan to make you both pay . . .

This title is set to be published on 24th August by Avon Books.

And there we have it. I do have some physical non-NetGalley ARCs that I want to get through this month, as well as some book club books too, so fingers-crossed I can fit them all in!

Have a great month everyone.